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Our social media followers make our day

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Thank you! 2022 was an eventful year for PJM. Many LinkedIn and Facebook followers were generous with support and applause. Here are some highlights – from you to us.

In this blog post: Whether we introduced innovative automation solutions or announced our two PJM Gazelle awards, your positive comments kept flowing. Here is a quick walk of 2022 as seen on PJM social media.

Two significant accomplishments stole much of the attention on PJM's social media platforms in 2022.

Firstly, PJM had a groundbreaking ceremony for 2800 square meters of new production facilities after a period of remarkable growth.

The project enables PJM to take on large automation solutions in the future, and it was liked and praised in the comments feed.

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Secondly, there were many flags and thumbs-ups when PJM in November 2022 was awarded two Gazelle prizes for being among Denmark's most creative and innovative companies.

In this blog post, CEO Benny Smith stresses that the results are due to hard work from all PJM employees, and the followers agreed:

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A new PJM cobot has much potential for manufacturing in clean environments.The solution is aimed explicitly at pharmaceutical industries and medico, and it earned a ‘vaooo’ from an it-specialist:

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While a documentary and a fictional series about the business adventure of Carmen Curlers were shown on Danish television, we dug into our archives to document that PJM played a large part in the success.

PJM delivered the automation solution, which rocketed Carmen Curlers into international markets, fulfilling our motto, ‘automation of great ideas.’

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Our Service Manager Lars Jensen was thumped on the back more than 100 times (online) for relocating an entire production unit overseas without delay during the height of the pandemic.

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And finally, on a more artistic note: Our post on how art is a part of the company DNA attracted much attention. One of the comments summed up what PJM is all about:

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