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Artificial Intelligence: The talk of the town

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In 2024, it’s almost impossible for companies not to consider integrating Artificial Intelligence into their business operations. PJM is no exception. Our CEO, Benny Smith, has shared some of his considerations regarding the adoption of this innovative technology within our organization.


Discussing AI and SMBs

Earlier this year, Benny Smith joined the podcast, VL Insights, alongside Adam Foss, CEO and founder of Fossflakes, and Jesper Ulsø, Senior Business Advisor in Erhvervshus Hovedstaden, to discuss the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The insightful interview was carried out by the journalist and host Solveig Bjørnestad.

During the approximately 20-minute conversation, they touched upon several insightful perspectives, ideas, and data concerning the use of AI in SMBs, where Benny also shared his thoughts on implementing Artificial Intelligence at PJM. 



A plethora of possibilities

Benny highlights our ongoing explorations of various functions where integrating AI could significantly boost productivity. An interesting example is AI-driven vision control for the infeed of items into automated production equipment. Another possibility is to apply AI in our design & engineering processes, which could present enticing opportunities for generative AI-powered software development, testing, and documentation.

The many possibilities with AI will require an organized strategy. It’s crucial to outline the many options and prioritize these with regard to potential gains on the one hand versus resources invested and risks involved on the other. We are currently looking into specific applications that can prove helpful for PJM. We are dividing these into two levels:


Existing workflows internally at PJM. Such as back office administrative tasks, software development, documentation, and other relevant design processes.


Optimization of our automation solutions offered to our customers. Such as applying new AI-based technology that could offer the end users higher functionality and optimized productivity in their equipment. 


“Our current growth constraints lie in finding skilled employees. If we could use AI to amplify our capacity with our existing workforce, we could more effectively meet demands.”

Benny Smith, CEO, PJM 



Unlocking the potential

Integrating Artificial Intelligence into a business like ours demands meticulous research and profound industry insight. Although AI has thrived and infiltrated everyday functions like internet searches and business software, its application in production machinery and employee efficiency introduces high complexity. 

It’s imperative to understand and assess the possibilities an AI integration can offer, which is one of the main reasons we haven’t delved deeper into the AI universe thus far. Ideally, we are looking for comprehensive solutions that enhance administrative or development tasks and optimize our existing production equipment.

Customers first

While Artificial Intelligence offers numerous benefits and possibilities, it is paramount to remain vigilant and mitigate potential risks. Safeguarding customer-related data, including internal and external IT security, is our utmost priority at PJM.

AI is going through a riveting development these years, and while we are still merely weighing its options, we look forward to exploring it further.