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PJM throws opening party for factory expansion

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On the 3rd of November, we welcomed 100 of our closest business associates along with our 150 employees to the grand opening of PJM's new factory expansion. Due to remarkable growth in the market of automation, PJM has invested in an expansion of our factory and office environment, meaning that our facilities have transformed from 9.000m2 to 12.000m2 - a noticeable expansion that will change and improve our every day here at PJM in Faarevejle.  

A round of applause commenced the opening

The opening took place soon before our very own CEO, Benny Smith, withdrew from the Danish Army Reserves. So, to initiate the opening party, Benny delivered a welcoming speech, followed by a performance from the Tambourine Corps of the Royal Life Guards and a speech from the Chief in Command, Colonel Mads Rahbek, thanking Benny for more than 40 years of service as a Reserve Officer - which he did in parallel with his civil career. 

The opening officially took off as the Mayor of Odsherred municipality, Karina Vincentz, cut the red ribbon and gave a short speech about the opening and PJMs role in the urban environment of Odsherred. 

Afterward, we took our guests on a tour of the new facilities, after which we all had the opportunity to enjoy the delicious lunch buffet made from all local ingredients and mingle with the additional guests. 

Our chairman of the board of directors, Claus Madsen, along with the chairman of the Poul Johansen Foundation, Mads Bøttger, contributed as speakers, sharing words on how this transformation will contribute to the development and growth of PJM.

During the opening party, we had the pleasure of listening to the fine tunes from local singer, Maud Kofod, who managed to set the mood for the event with her music. 


Spacious improvements

The expansion consists of a 1.500m2 assembly hall, a 1.000m2 office space, and a 300m2 lounge area which will improve our working conditions significantly here at PJM. 

The reasons, we are expanding our facilities with 2.800m2, are numerous. With the extra space, we can gather every employee of the project organization in the same office space which will improve cooperation and efficiency. To follow the increasing demand and market growth, we have recruited several new assets to the organization which further requires spacious resources. 

The expansion is a result of increased capacity needs. PJM needed a spacious assembly hall, to meet new market demands, where the desired automation solutions could be manufactured with no restrictions in terms of space. This is further an attempt to future-proof our facilities and organization to accommodate growth and market expansions.


“I am deeply appreciative of every single one who participated in making this become a reality. I believe that the following growth means that PJM continuously stays amongst the larger and most preferred automation companies in Denmark.”

CEO, Benny Smith

This expansion would not have been possible without having our competent contractors and consulting entrepreneurs on the project.

It has not been easy for our employees to transition to this expansion, and we are very grateful for the way everyone has kept a trusting nature and a positive mindset throughout the construction period. We realize the working conditions have not been optimal, which makes it all the more exciting that we now have 2.800m2 more to occupy.

A growth carried by Danish success 

Our organization has grown immensely because several large Danish organizations have grown as well. This has brought along a great demand for manufacturing devices - a demand that we continuously aspire to meet. 

PJM has undergone astonishing growth throughout the past four years. Our turnover has gone up from 91 million DKK in 2018 to 427 million DKK in the latest financial year. An increase in turnover that is partially caused by a bigger demand for manufacturing devices as automation has taken over the industry. 


Commemorated through art 

It is no secret that art is part of our company's DNA and has been so for many years.  

Throughout the event, the local artist, Dag Aronson, painted a picture to eternalize the opening and add a piece of unforgettable art to our existing art collection at PJM. 

As Poul Johansen said himself: "Opening your mind to art is opening your mind to innovation"

With our collection of 125 pieces of original paintings and sculptures spread across the company's (now) 12,000m2, there is no doubt that art is a passion that is widely shared amongst the employees at PJM.


After weeks of preparation, we are all very excited to take in the new facilities and look forward to spending our day-to-day lives in this beautiful work environment.

The opening party was a great way to open our new assembly hall and office spaces and we wish to make a special thanks to everyone who participated in and contributed to the expansion and the grand opening.