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Better safe than sorry: AED Training at PJM

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PJM thrives because of the dedication of our employees, who ensure smooth operations daily. With approximately 130+ staff members at our Faarevejle location, we recognize our responsibility towards their health and safety. Hence, we organized CPR/AED training sessions for all employees to familiarize them and build confidence in using an AED (automated external defibrillator).

Cardiac nurse turned Documentation Manager

We value diversity, and our staff comes from varied educational and career backgrounds. Our Documentation Manager, Tanja Petersen, was responsible for the AED training sessions. Tanja spent six years as a cardiac nurse before switching careers and pursuing a different education. For the past 16 years, she has worked in medical device development. She joined us as Documentation Manager on October 1st, 2023.

With her background as a cardiac nurse, Tanja understands the crucial importance of being familiar with an AED, especially in larger companies. She noticed that although PJM has an AED on-site, many employees were unaware of its location, despite passing by it daily. In collaboration with Stine Munk, Head of HR, Tanja attended a course by Hjerteforeningen and received the required certification to conduct AED training sessions.

"I want everyone to have the mindset that the only thing you can do wrong, is not doing anything at all."

Documentation Manager, Tanja Lykke Petersen


The more the merrier

Open invites for AED training were sent to all employees via email and info boards. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere in the company, so the training sessions were available for everyone. The sessions typically last 30-45 minutes, combining mandatory procedures with participant input. Tanja aimed to create a safe space for hands-on AED/CPR practice using first aid dummies. She also offered private sessions for those uncomfortable practicing in front of others, allowing them to practice privately with her.

"It fosters confidence and unity among our employees. This unity stems from the assurance that colleagues with the same training can step in if someone feels uncertain. The team spirit that comes from knowing you can rely on each other is crucial."

Documentation Manager, Tanja Lykke Petersen

Initially, we arranged two training days, but all seats were quickly booked. Seeing continued interest, we decided to keep offering the training. With 15 seats per session and five sessions completed, over half of our employees have undergone this crucial AED training. Our goal is to have as many employees as possible attend.


A conversation starter around the dinner table 

Tanja has particularly appreciated the feedback she received from employees following the courses. Many shared positive responses, noting that they discussed the training with their families and friends. This feedback reassured her that the training effectively raised awareness about the reality of cardiac arrest and the importance of taking action. While the AED's location may not be a daily concern, the crucial takeaway is that everyone remembers what they learned during the sessions.

With over half of our staff now trained, we are better prepared to handle cardiac arrest emergencies. We are grateful for Tanja's dedication and highlighting the importance of taking action in critical situations.