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We’re online. Now even more so.

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We have released our new website. Here’s what we have done with it – and what it means for you.

In this blog post: Our new website is online, and it is based on a number of new ideas. The most important one is that PJM has a ton of knowledge that we can make available to customers and partners, and the website is the platform to do just that.

Sharing our knowledge

The website is based on a simple premise: We have a ton of knowledge inhouse that our customers and partners might be able to make good use of. We have developed and installed thousands of automation solutions in all kinds of industries, from medical devices to thermostats and plastic toys, and that means our employees are a treasure-trove of knowledge with a thousand years of experience under one roof. Some of that knowledge we intend to make available online in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics and other types of content.

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Being generous

This is not just philanthropy, of course. We want potential customers, future employees and prospective partners to realize that PJM is the place to go for innovative solutions and a deep-rooted knowledge about automation, robotics, automation software and emerging technologies.

Getting social

The content we develop for our new website is not going to just sit in our website and do nothing. It needs to get out there and face the people who are looking for solutions and ideas. The place to meet is on social media, and we are therefore going to boost our presence on platforms such as LinkedIn.

This is just one of the ways we will embrace to enter into a constructive dialogue with people who don’t know us – yet.

Renaming, but gently

You may also have noticed that we have slightly updated our company name and logo. We are proud of our legacy, and we would never leave it behind, but we just need to realize that the name “Poul Johansen Maskiner A/S” is a tongue-twister on the international market and won’t make it easier for people around the world to remember our name.

For years, we have referred to ourselves as just “PJM”, and that is now the official name of our company. We have also made minor updates to our logo and our brand style, all with the aim of making us harder to forget…

Take a look at this blog post where we explain our new look >> in more detail.

All of that is now incorporated in this website and in all future communications. We hope you’ll like it.


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