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A partnership made to last

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When entering the factory facility at Danfoss, Silkeborg, production is buzzing all around. Everywhere you look, machines are actively working on modeling materials from one thing to another – everything streamlined to even the smallest detail. They all bear witness to the massive production that Danfoss is responsible for. But the time has come for a system update of the original manufacturing equipment that PJM delivered to accommodate the new standards of Danfoss’ new line of thermostats.

A collaboration that travels through time

Back in 1991 - 32 years ago - PJM was asked to design the first machine for Danfoss' new line of radiator thermostats, called RA2000. An assignment that was both challenging and exciting due to the complexity of the radiator thermostats. A radiator thermostat may not look all that complex, but it consists of numerous small components that all amount to the final product.

Now - 32 years later - PJM has been asked to do a ‘facelift’ of the original manufacturing equipment as the radiator thermostats have undergone a drastic design change. It is Danfoss’ largest project within the residential business area that has taken place during the past 10 years. Even though PJM is a small player in the renewal, we are proud to be part of something so essential to the development of the Danfoss radiator thermostat. 

Right now, PJM is optimizing the equipment that carries out the main lines of radiator thermostats, namely React, Redia, and Regus for liquid radiators, and Aveo and Aero for gas-filled radiators. You can read more about them here.

Some of the new features of the thermostats are:

  • A tactile function that makes the new radiator thermostats more user-friendly
  • A modular design suitable for design variations
  • Increased product quality
  • More energy-efficient usage

As you can tell from the picture below, our equipment is rather complex, as it must embrace every feature of the element in question. This entails that no detail is too small or insignificant – everything has a purpose and is placed in a certain way for a reason.


We are all in it together 

Working within the manufacturing industry has allowed us to build a broad sense of knowledge within the area of machine manufacturing. As skilled experts in this field, we also know our limits. So does the additional parties of the manufacturing sector. That is what lead to the upbringing of this substantial partnership in the first place. 

The international Group, Danfoss A/S, is an expert in producing mechanical and electronic components and solutions for the market. However, when it comes to manufacturing the machines that ultimately deliver the product lines, PJM is one of the leading experts. 

“The collaboration between PJM and Danfoss has been prosperous throughout the years. The hard-working people from their service team always have a smile on their faces. When seeking help, the team from PJM is extremely helpful and shows up personally in Silkeborg the following day”

Danfoss, Operations Manager, Áki Jacobsen 

The feeling is mutual amongst the service employees at PJM. Once they enter the plant in Silkeborg, all barriers are broken, and a sense of collegial solidarity fills up the atmosphere. We all have a common denominator in our shared interest in the industry and consequently utilize each other’s skills and knowledge without any sense of competition. It’s a constructive and pleasant mentality to bring with you on the job as it both strengthens your ambitions and your loyalty towards the people you work with. 

Just like the assembly lines in our manufacturing equipment, the collaboration between ourselves and Danfoss is a well-oiled machine that has high-quality product lines as a result. 


Always something brewing 

PJM has enjoyed being a part of this journey for several decades. While it is unsure what the future will bring, one thing is certain, the collaboration between PJM and Danfoss is destined to grow further.

Ever since the 1970ies, PJM has collaborated with Danfoss on various projects within the field of manufacturing. This prosperous collaboration has brought along both challenges, insights, and experiences. Whether it includes the manufacturing of radiator thermostats or a completely different aspect of manufacturing, PJM will continue to grasp the projects that are thrown our way in the future.


We are very excited to see what the future will hold. PJM is proud to be part of the ambitious collaboration with a successful and established business such as Danfoss.