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PJM clients show great interest in Acopos 6D

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More than 15 employees from a large pharmaceutical enterprise and representatives from the supplier recently attended two PJM live demos of the innovative industrial transportation system ACOPOS 6D. Now we are opening for new events.

In this blog post: ACOPOS 6D has whipped up much attention in manufacturing companies in Denmark and internationally. The system could become an essential component in future automation solutions. PJM recently organized two successful events for clients to illustrate potential use cases. We are eager to give your company the same opportunity.


At the PJM event, employees from one of PJM’s largest clients and representatives from B&R Industrial Automation watched a series of demo cases illustrating ACOPOS 6D highlights.

Flexibility and efficient line clearance

“We emphasized the systems flexibility, efficient line clearance, and smooth format conversions in production with smaller batches,” says Jakob Nors, Innovation Manager at PJM.

The demo cases generated a lot of interest and inquiries from the participants. Many already visualized specific applications in their production during the event.

“We wish to base coming solutions on dialogue and cooperation with our clients. The first step is most likely implementing ACOPOS 6D in pilot projects or 'proof of concept' to test the potential before we embark on larger projects,” says Jakob Nors.

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Pharma and Medico

ACOPOS 6D consists of hovering magnetic shuttles that, using algorithms, transport items freely across the production line without generating particles.

The system could create significant value, e.g., in Pharma and Medico, where hygiene is crucial. The frictionless movement of the shuttles makes it easy to maintain clean rooms and transportation lines.

With ACOPOS 6D, you achieve:

  • Great flexibility and high OEE: Many product variants can run on the same machine
  • Ultra-fast line clearance
  • Smaller and hygienic machine footprint, with great advantage in cleanrooms
  • Large scalability: you can quickly switch from large to small batches
  • Quick setup and less maintenance due to less mechanical wear
  • Software that can be quickly converted to new processes with full product traceability

Would you like an invitation to PJM for an exclusive live machine demonstration of a new technology, which is a giant leap into future automation solutions?

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