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When onboarding gives you confidence

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Intro: Design Supporter Martin Villadsen was quite nervous when he started his new job at PJM. But he felt socially and professionally valued by his team from the very start. The company gave me a warm welcome, he says.

In this blog post: For Martin Villadsen, the new job as Design Supporter in PJM felt like a big challenge demanding more of him than he thought he could deliver. For PJM, the onboarding process was designed to make Martin confident and use his full potential from day one. Read how the journey turned out.

Martin Villadsen is one of many new employees at PJM recruited over a very short period. The company's rapid growth has demanded a systematic approach to onboarding, ensuring all new staff members feel expected and welcome from day one, explains Head of Human Resources at PJM, Stine Munk.


The process begins before the new staff member shows up on the first workday.

PJM Preboarding includes a checklist with questions ranging from “Is there a planned tour and introduction to the entire company? “Have all other employees been informed of their new colleagues? “Does the new employee have an email address, a PC, and the right work tools?”


Employees start their work life at PJM with monthly questionnaires on how the onboarding is developing, e.g., Was everything ready for you when you arrived? Does the team hear your voice? How have you experienced the first four weeks?

The feedback is discussed with the manager, who is responsible for the outcome of the onboarding process.

“We stress the importance of having a dialogue with your manager about expectations and reconciliation of expectations. We want you to feel included and get started as soon as possible with the tasks you are interested in and are best at,” says Stine Munk.

Sidekick training

For Martin Villadsen, it worked well to evaluate his onboarding continuously.

“My feedback was acknowledged, and yes, action was taken based on my input. I also had excellent sidekick training from the beginning and much help from colleagues when I was introduced to my tasks,” he states.


His advice on how to start your work life at PJM?

“Throw yourself into it. You won’t be fed to the lions! The training for your new job takes place in a calm and relaxed atmosphere,” he says.


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